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Samples of what we do:

Service:  Our firm will take your list of trade transactions from your brokerage, something that  may look like this if opened in Excel:

brokerage transactions

  And turn it into IRS format documents that look like this:

sample pdf Schedule D-1 result

We make this process incredibly easy.  You get accurate results quickly and inexpensively.  You also get peace of mind knowing that your documents were completed by  a specialist.   We handle the wash sale calculations automatically unless you tell us that you have elected mark to market accounting.   We sign on the return with our IRS identification and provide for you an Addendum To Jurat and statement under penalty of perjury that applies to our portion of the return.  We guarantee our results for the dataset and information we obtain from you, and will help you respond in the event you should receive any follow up inquiry related to our results.

  We offer a $99.95 flat fee to match either a single account/single tax year to IRS Schedule D format.  We will handle the reconciliation for an additional account (two accounts/single tax year) at no additional charge.  Additional accounts are $34.95 per account.  The number of trades matched is unlimited.  In 2008 we processed a customer dataset in excess of 101000 transactions, it simply doesn't matter whether you have dozens or thousands of trades. 

We prepare pdf documents of the actual Schedule D and D-1 continuation pages which we return to you electronically.  We can also prepare Form 4797 with continuation pages if you have elected mark-to-market accounting (MTM).  You will also receive supporting documents in spreadsheet format if you wish.  


Compatibility:   We can handle data from virtually any brokerage which provides your trade history as a downloadable file.  Our preferred format is an Excel or CSV (comma separated values) file.  However we have the ability to manipulate virtually any uniform transaction list to the required format.  The one exception is if you have data that is ONLY available as a PDF document.  While the underlying data can often be harvested from a PDF it cannot always be done reliably by automated methods.  Because of these limitations we cannot transform the data from PDF documents at the base price.  This is usually only a factor for very old data (for example from 5 years ago).  Otherwise, if you can download it, we can almost certainly clean, format, match and calculate gain or loss.  In the unlikely event PDF is your only available option, call us because we can counsel you on steps you can take to obtain the data for us.
Special Competencies:    We use specialized software developed and maintained by us and audited over a range of test data sets we maintain to ensure correctness.  Every set of trades we match receives a final review against a checklist before it is released back to you.  No trade data is maintained after the process is completed and accepted by our clients.  Your confidentiality is guaranteed and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We do not request payment until we have completed the processing for your review.


$ 99.95 covers any single account for a single tax year no matter how many trades


We are located on a barrier island just outside of Savannah, Georgia.  The founder, Wayne Durden, has been preparing Schedule D formatted data for traders since 1998.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers and would like to add you to that list!


Details: Simply contact us and let us know you would like to use our service.  Then download your trade history or trade transaction list from your brokerage firm.  Email the data to us as an email attachment and we will take it from there.  We will review and adjust the dataset, match and review  the transaction results, and send you final result files in appropriate format.  Only when we complete the process will we ask you to pay for our service by secure online payment process.  We accept all major credit cards or payments via the PayPal processing system.

For more details about how the processing works click here


Have questions or need more information?

Feel free to  contact us for any additional information. We are always happy to answer your questions because we expect that once you speak with us, we will be adding a new client.  Our primary growth is by referral, and we would be delighted to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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