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More details regarding the process

Step 1

Normally, the first step is that you (our customer) will log on to your brokerage account and download your trade history as a CSV or Excel file.  Once you have downloaded it to your computer, you will simply attach it to an email to wdurden@tradematcher.com indicating you would like us to match the trades and generate your Schedule D documents. 


Step 2 If you know that you had open positions going into the trading year, you will also need to gather the basis information for those trades as we will need to add them to the beginning of the dataset.  Typically, you would include that information in the body of the email with the attachment.  Most brokerages will have an online option that will show your positions at a year end.  If you are having difficulty finding the information, a call to your brokerages support number will generally result in them showing you how to obtain that information.


Step 3 Assuming you have sent the email with attachment to us on a normal business day during business hours for the east coast, you should expect an acknowledgment from us within 2 hours letting you know we have received your data set.  We will also let you know when you should expect our results if everything is included which is ordinarily within 24 hours.  If you do not get an acknowledgment within 2 hours, please give us a call as we always attempt to respond immediately, and if you haven't heard from us within 2 hours we want to make sure something hasn't gone awry in the addressing, etc.


Step 4 At this point we will clean and format the data set you sent so that it is in the form we need for our matching programs.  We will then run a preliminary "straight match."  This process will generate a list of matched trade transactions without any wash sale calculations.  However, more importantly, it will identify any items which were not matched.  Items that were not matched would typically be the result of 1) the trade actually being open at year end in which case it is correct; 2) the result of corporate activity such as a split which we could then identify and correct; or 3) a carryover from a prior year which was forgotten originally.  If there are items that are shown as still open at this stage, we will notify you to make sure that they either were still open or so that together we can identify what the status is and make appropriate adjustment before final processing.


Step 5 Once we have reconciled any issues, we will then run the next stage of the processing which matches the transactions with the application of the wash sale rules.  Additionally, at this stage PDF documents of the Schedule D and Schedule D-1 continuation pages are produced.


Step 6 Next we review the results against a checklist of factors to make sure nothing was left out.  Once everything looks correct and in order, we send the results as attachments to an explanatory email for your review and acceptance, and we include the directions to the online payment area.


Differences with regard to Mark to Market accounting For those traders who have elected mark to market accounting, the process is quite similar, except that in addition to the trade history we will also need you to collect the stock symbols and the number of shares open at the year end for the current year and at the year end for the prior year.  Our software will retrieve the historic pricing information, we will simply need the number of shares and symbol (and an indication if the position was a short position otherwise we will assume it designates a long position).  For instance, if we are generating 2008 tax documents we will need the positions still open a the very end of 2007 and the positions still open at the very end of 2008.  We would prefer the information in the form:

1000 ibm
2000 aapl (short)
150 xyz.


In addition, the documents that will be generated for mark to market traders are the Form 4797 and a worksheet for that form which contains the full line by line detail required by the IRS and completed in accordance with current instructions.  If you should desire standard Schedule D documents as well we can gladly include those also.


Call us at (912) 897-0435  if you have any additional questions.

$ 99.95 covers any single account for a single tax year no matter how many trades

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