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Your Schedule D Solution

Special Note: A free PDF Year End Strategy Letter to avoid Wash Sale issues is available for download


Yes, we do the new Form 8949 documents for Tax Year 2012!


  Hello, and welcome to TradeMatcher.com.  Our firm will take your list of trade transactions and turn those trades into the IRS Schedule D and Schedule D-1 continuation pages for years prior to tax year 2011.  In 2013 for tax year 2012 we will produce IRS Form 8949 and the new Schedule D format.  Although the forms and reporting changed again for tax year 2012, unlike tax year 2011, the changes are evolutionary only this year and we are all set to handle your reporting once again.  See what's new for 2011.

Special Note:

  For tax year 2012, the process cannot be completed until you have received your 1099 from your brokerage. New reporting requirements place the burden on the taxpayer of reconciling their reporting on new Form 8949 documents with the new reporting requirements of the brokerages.  What we will need to complete the process for 2011 taxes is a Realized Gain Loss Report from your brokerage which you believe to be accurate in a CSV or Excel format as well as the 1099.

  We will make an initial review to determine whether the items reconcile and how many sets of Form 8949 documents must be completed.  We will then communicate to you the service fee that would be required based on the reconciliations required.  While we remain committed to offering you the lowest possible service fee, we simply cannot know in advance your situation without review.   Most service fees from a reconcilable Realized Gain Loss Report will be at the 34.95 or 49.95 service fee level.  For truly minimal situations we do have a 19.95 service feel level.  For difficult situations the service fee can be 99.95, but in ALL cases, we will make the initial review and trial reconciliations and quote you a firm price with absolutely no obligation to you. 

  We still make this process incredibly easy.  You get accurate results quickly and inexpensively.  You also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your documents were completed by a specialist.   

When we handle your your trading Schedule D matter, we prepare pdf documents of the actual Form 8949 documents  which we return to you electronically.  We can also prepare the IRS Form 4797 with continuation pages if you have elected mark-to-market accounting (MTM).  You will also receive supporting documents in spreadsheet format if you wish.   If you have had difficulty with existing software offerings, we invite you to experience having this annual process performed professionally as a service at less cost.


Compatibility:   With regard to our Schedule D service, we can handle data from virtually any brokerage which provides your gain/loss report or trade history as a downloadable file.  Our preferred format is an Excel or CSV (comma separated values) file.  However we have the ability to manipulate virtually any uniform transaction list to the required format.  If you can download it, we can almost certainly clean, format, match and calculate gain or loss.

You may have heard that the financial industry is increasing its year end 1099 reporting detail under the cost basis reporting requirements.  This means that in future years brokerages will be required to provide you with more detail, usually in the form of additional gain/loss reporting purporting to match trades at cost basis and purporting to show wash sale items.  HOWEVER, even as the law is phased in over the next few years, the brokerages' reporting obligations will still NOT be completely consistent with the trader/taxpayer's obligations under IRS law.  Under current law to be phased in starting 2011, the brokerages are specifically exempt from certain requirements the IRS does make of traders on their returns.  If you receive such a gain/loss report from a brokerage, you will generally see disclaimers at the end that such gain/loss report is not to be relied upon for tax purposes!  We can help you bridge this gap.  Where we do the full processing, our documents are specifically designed to be accurate, and to be used for tax purposes.  If we assess the situation and it turns out that your existing Gain/Loss report can be used by simply carrying the figures to the required format of the new forms, we can indeed do this as well, and will do so at a reduced fee from our normal processing ($34.95).


Special Competencies:    In order to provide our level of personalized and customized service, we use very specialized software developed and maintained by our firm and audited over a range of test data sets we maintain to ensure correctness.  The software allows our staff to capture basic information and data as quickly an efficiently as possible so that we can offer the service as economically as possible.

proprietary software

  Every set of trades we match receives a final review against a multipoint checklist before it is released back to you.  We also have a unique multistage verification process where we get specific check values at several points in the processing that enables us to know that the processing is valid for the data provided.

  Your confidentiality is guaranteed, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Because we are paid preparers signing the return, we are required to maintain our results for a period of time consistent with IRS requirements.  We maintain the data in encrypted format on redundant storage that is not accessible via any network access and which is stored in fireproof storage.  The retained data we do keep will also make the information collection process much easier every year after the first year as we will have all wash sale adjusted basis information on file.

  You may be surprised that we do not request payment until we have completed the processing for your review.  We have found through several years of experience that you will almost certainly be delighted with the service you receive and will wish to return again and again in the future.   And so, our custom is to deliver final results to you before directing you to the payment link.


Remember our quoted fee will cover any single account for a single tax year no matter how many trades.  If you have 2000 transactions or 20000 transactions, you know your final cost up front with no extra "baskets" of transactions to purchase.


With regard to our whereabouts and background, we are located on a barrier island just outside of beautiful and historic Savannah, Georgia.  The founder has been preparing Schedule D formatted data for traders since 1998.  We would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers!


Details: For any additional details we invite you to contact us by phone or email.  The process will generally begin by obtaining a download of your current year's trade history or trade transaction list from your brokerage firm.  We will have you email the data to us as an email attachment and we will take it from there.  Generally, there will be a telephone consult to collect additional information and a process where we confirm year end positions and a process where we collect an additional period of data relevant to wash sale calculations.  We will review and adjust the dataset several times to assess the results at our multiple confirmatory checkpoints, match and review  the transaction results, and send you final result files in appropriate format.  Only when we complete the process will we ask you to pay for our service by secure online payment process (unless you have opted for early enrollment at our premium rate).  We accept all major credit cards or payments via the PayPal processing system.

For even more details about how the processing works click here


Have questions or need more information?

Feel free to  contact us for any additional information. We are always happy to answer your questions because we expect that once you speak with us, we will be adding a new client.  Our primary growth is by referral, and we would be delighted to add you to our list of satisfied customers.